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Kirsten Pape, Life Coach

Life Coaching and Law of Attraction Coaching

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I coach people who want to change personally or professionally, or who find themselves in a conflict. My Skype- or One-to-One Coaching enables you to set and reach your goals, develop and transform your personality and live your potential.   About myself

Mindful Life Coaching

Acknowledge, Own, Change: Acceptance as a key

As your mindful life coach, I support you in meeting yourself with mindfulness, acceptance and (self-) compassion. You learn to just watch, and to guide our feelings.

WingWave Coaching

Wingwave® Coaching is a very effective method that combines the latest brain research with coaching. It allows you targeted access to your creativity and self-motivation. Deeply ingrained unwanted behaviour patterns, fears or phobias, blockages or beliefs can be overcome.

Law of Attraction and Hypno-Coaching

Like attracts like - whatever you focus on, you draw to you.

Using the principles of the Law of Attraction we work on any area of your life that you want to change or improve.

Hypno-Coaching stimulates a powerful and positive energy to release negative patterns.


Couple Counselling

For couples I offer mindful support and clarification.

Each relationship is unique.

It provides a permanent opportunity to practice love, mindfulness and acceptance.

It can create the space to grow with each other - or to get bogged down in struggles, expectations and demands.

My coaching tools are simple and straightforward

What you get from Mindful Life Coaching with me:

Law of Attraction Coaching online: "The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe" (Albert Einstein)

• First we set the agenda: What are your issues? In which part of your life or work do you want or need to change? What prevents you from taking the necessary steps?


• Second, we identify your limiting beliefs and work through any mental or emotional blockages that prevent you from achieving your goal(s) and desires.


• Third, we work with mindful detachment, enabling you to step back from the everplaying scenes in your head and learn to simply observe what´s going on.


• Fourth, we find out which resources, steps, habits and tools work best for you to help you with your concern, with a more conscious understanding of your own internal wiring and how you can guide your thoughts.


Here and on the following link you will find detailed information about how I work as certified Holistic Life Coach and Wingwave®-Coach:





As your mindful life coach I support you in:


• Self empowerment on all levels


• Finding your position: where do I stand and how do I want to  proceed?


• Awakening – and creatively implementing – your maybe previously hidden potential


• Finding choices and options in a conflict situation or for a pending decision


• Recognizing and reframing your thought and behaviour patterns and thus gaining a new perspective of yourself, your work or your relationship(s)


• Finding clarity, flexibility and self-confidence


• Overcoming self sabotage or mental and emotional blockages


• Learning how to mindfully guide your thoughts


• Understanding how to work with your thoughts and feelings by using the Law of Attraction


• Finding, allowing - and following! - your own way


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Law of Attraction Coaching online, “We cannot change, until we thoroughly accept what we are. Then change seems to come about almost unnoticed.” (Carl R.Rogers)

Changing perspectives – developing solutions

with mindful life coaching


In my work I assume that everyone already carries the potential solution to his or her concerns within themselves. Often simply taking a different perspective already helps you to perceive your- self, and what you perceive as your „problem“, in a different way.

Within yourself, you can then relax deeply and discover solution options that were previously hidden. As your life coach, I mirror your perspectives, ‚blind spots’, solution options and inner qualities, which might have been hidden from yourself.

From the first session onwards we work goal and solution oriented. In this way, you´ll take away something of value from each coaching session, and are enabled to consider your next steps.


Frequent Issues in a Mindful Life Coaching Process


• Do you want to transform yourself on a personal level or find the way out of a personal or professional crisis? 


• Do you want to discover your unlived potential or pave the way for a new setting in your life?


• Do you want to sustainably redirect thoughts or feelings that are blocking you, like fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage or a mental block?


• Are you seeking more clarity and serenity?


• Do you want to relax, slow down, find your inner balance?


• Are you unclear on how to proceed? On which things should remain as they are, and which things you should change?


• Are you looking for a solution to problems in your work environment?


• Are you searching for a new job orientation?


• Do you feel you have to counteract stress or an impending burnout?


• Do you want to find a healthy work-life balance?


• Is it important for you to bring mindfulness into your life, work and relationships?


We work on the phone, via Skype or in person in my consulting rooms in Cologne's city centre.


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